Friday, February 23, 2018

Civilization is BS- Worth Reading!

As I begin to write this, I have the sickening feeling I am wasting my time!

When you think about it, Civilization is BS. We build skyscrapers and airplanes to crash into them.
We pay enormous payments so we can have impressive cages to sleep in. Modern man is on the brink of driving himself insane because he has lost touch with his animal nature.

What has civilization given us? Nature teaches us that we have males (bulls) and females (cows) and together they make (calves) offspring. Nature's way is for the strong to survive and the weak to perish. Before man interfered, Nature killed it's mistakes.

The world was perfect. No soil erosion, no pollution, no contamination, plenty of wild game to hunt and then MAN decided he could do better. So know we waste 5 gallons of water so we don't have deal with shit! Pull down on the chrome handle and all the nasty old poo poo disappears down the drain. We plowed up the soil and killed it, then we had to invent fertilizers to replace the nutrients we destroyed when we plowed it. We had dark rich top soil and we replaced it with chemically poisoned something which resembles dirt! Now instead of nutrient rich foods we eat poisonous look-a-likes, prepared by robots in factories!

Civilization created a large group of human failures that would not have survived without it's help. They are parasites, unable to survive without a host to attach to. So since they needed hosts civilization came up with Liberals! They never met a pathetic loser or a parasitic degenerate they didn't love and want to protect. There are no coyotes on welfare. Even nature's natural scroungers don't just sit and wait for their meal to come to them. They take an active part in their own survival.

Doesn't American football, boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts and our love of guns and knives and other weapons teach us what we are really like? We compete. We want to know who is best. Hell, we have even turned eating into a competition! Look at the Olympics. Who is best , who gets the gold. Competition. Some want to be the best while others sit on their ass and turn into soulless, gutless, zombies! A growing cancer on the earth which flourishes with the support of civilization and liberal empathy. Remove the blanket of protection society provides and most of them would perish.

Civilization has given us "sexual dysphoria"" morbid obesity" "venereal disease" "Transgenderism" "all sorts of mental illness caused by living civilized" " Ghettos," " Slums and slum Lords" "Race Mixing" and "multiculturalism" . I am all for increasing knowledge. I am not suggesting we go back to being ignorant. I am suggesting that we do go back to being what we truly are and embrace our DNA and acknowledge the animal inside us. We are never going to be Gods but we can be Apex predators we have the tools. All we are lacking is the will.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Boring Post about Shopping and My Diet!

I went to Sam's Club yesterday and restocked my supplies 469 dollars later I came home and unloaded. The freezer is full again. I don't have good enough teeth to eat steak any longer, the best I can manage is pork chops. But that's ok because I have grown fond of hamburger and chicken and fish as I get older.

The people who recommend 3 ounce portions as a daily requirement must be trying to starve us because I eat 3 ounces at breakfast, another 3 ounces for a late lunch and some more at dinner whenever we get around to it. I have lost 29 pounds since January 11th. My pants are lose but I look at myself realistically and I know I have a lot more weight left to lose.

If I lose the weight to fast then I have loose skin to contend with that may or may not shrink down at my age. Patience has never been one of my strong points. According to the stupid Body Mass Index or BMI chart I would have to get cancer or aids or snort lots of cocaine to weigh what I am supposed to  be "normal". Back when I worked I weighed around 225. I was not fat. I had muscles! According to that chart I was 40 pounds overweight. I am not Chinese! My DNA says I am 1/3 Scandinavian. Vikings weren't midgets! I have broad shoulders and am built like a linebacker. I will never weigh 186! unless I am wasting away from a disease!

To be honest I just want the belly and love handles gone! What I end up weighing doesn't matter that much. Scale this morning said 281.4. I will be in the 270s by the end of the month and I am encouraged by that. I haven't been this weight in 10 years. My goal was to lose 50 pounds by July 4th. so I am way ahead of schedule but it is still to slow to suit me. I was entertaining the idea to fast for a week and see how that goes. It would be very expensive because I would have to leave home and go live someplace isolated so I don't harm anyone! ha ha

The Battle of the Bulge continues..........


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Liberals- Not only cowards but stupid too!

I don't understand "some people". If someone tries to break in your house and the police are slow in responding to your 911 call what exactly do antigun people think is going to happen? Are they going to sprinkle some magic fairy dust towards the intruder and expect that to protect them?

I finally realized that even if they had a gun in their home, the majority don't have enough courage or animal instinct to actually defend themselves. I have seen people frozen with fear and I know that it happens. Suddenly, the fantasy is destroyed and what comes in your house is hard, cold reality! It is time to fight or die and you are to domesticated and to tame to reach deep down inside yourself and tap your animal instincts to survive.

Not all violent people are mentally ill. Some are just bad people. Let me say that again- they are bad! I really don't care how they got to be that way, I don't care if they came from a broken home, or were the victim of abuse . They grew up and for whatever reason they became monsters. When the monster points a gun at you are you going to tell him he's not allowed to have that! Do you think he cares? I think people who refuse to take responsibility for their own well being are more mentally ill than those who go on a rampage.

When you were young and on the playground during recess did the rules prevent the bullies from tormenting you! Did the rules prevent him from taking your lunch money? No it didn't.
But getting mad and punching him in the nose and telling him to leave you alone  worked pretty good! Maybe , you had someone else defend you. An older kid or maybe a teacher. Do you have a long history of being helpless? Have you ever stood up for yourself?

Guns are the great equalizers. They enable a 110 pound woman to stand up to a 300 pound rapist! They help an 80 year old grandma survive a home invasion!

I am tired of trying to make you people understand.

You are not only cowards but you are stupid!


American Gun Owners-World's Largest Army of Freedom Fighters

Someone on another blog commented to me that America is the only one having mass shootings! They were wrong and I took the time to suggest they Google "mass shootings" for themselves and not rely on the liberal propaganda of the Washington Post or CNN for accurate information. Taking population into consideration the US is not even in the top 5 for mass shootings out of the top ten. The reason you hardly ever hear about the ones overseas is because our corporate owned media has their "guns" targeted on America. There are several reasons for this:

We have a large population of gun lovers/owners. We hunt, we target shoot, we like collecting them and we realize how important they are in protecting our Freedoms!

We have the 2nd amendment which many people consider essential to our continued freedom. I agree by the way.

We are the target of the global elite to dumb down our children , weaken us with moral degeneracy and encourage harmful behavior. We have Social Justice Warriors and ANTIFA thugs going after anything and anyone that is "right wing". In case you don't know right wing = old fashioned values.

The American people are unique in our freedom and our attitudes about freedom. At least 40 million people own guns in America and they would use them for defense if necessary. That makes American Gun Owners the largest army of freedom fighters in the World!  We are standing in the way of global domination so since they can't attack us directly they go for the guns by demonizing them in their media.

Don't doubt for a minute that the US is the last stand for freedom loving people. Look what the European Union has done to Europe! Got Africans and Muslims crowding the streets of every major city from London to Paris to Stockholm. Cultural "diversity" has just about destroyed the European culture. Now we are importing some more parasitical filth into our country!



Preventive Maintenance-Not just for your Car!

It is often difficult to make people understand what I am saying. The obvious reason could be I am not much of a writer! But I think a lot of the problem lies in modern man's rush to move on to the next thing so his brain is running a hundred miles an hour and assumes he can anticipate what you are going to say and in his mind he turns you off and finishes your thought with his own narrative.

That would be fine I suppose if he made the right assumptions but most of the time he is wrong. So I get the blame for many things I didn't say and the people doing the blaming cannot admit they have rushed to judgment. I have broken new ground with this blog. For me at any rate. I no longer try even a little bit to be "politically correct" or claim compassion I don't genuinely feel.

If your house burns down because the battery in your smoke detector has been dead for 3 years! you have no one to blame for the fire but yourself. Do I feel sorry for you? NO........

If you are young and have unprotected sex and come away from the experience with a venereal disease or a baby which will be your responsibility for the next 18 years because you didn't want to wear a condom,  you have no one to blame but yourself! Do I feel sorry for you? NO..........

If your  car engine blows up one day on the way to work because you haven't checked or changed the oil since you got the car, do I feel sorry for you? NO...........

My point is this. 90% of your problems exist because you aren't taking care of your business! Perhaps you are stupid! In which case you have a legitimate excuse in some cases. But if you are smart enough to get on the internet and read this blog you have no excuse for shirking your responsibilities
but sheer laziness. Bald tires go flat. It is not the Universe messing with you!

You can reduce the majority of your headaches in life by anticipating problems before they happen and making the necessary preparations in case they occur. Preventive maintenance applies to more than your vehicle, it applies to your health, your finances, your marriage and every aspect of your life.