Sunday, January 21, 2018

Welcome to another episode of "Behind the Curtain"

While the drama being performed by members of Congress and the Senate occupies everyone's mind, what is going on behind the curtain. When I watch a magician, I don't look at the pretty girl's legs, I try and see what it is he is doing while she distracts the audience. Been doing it for years. Old habits are hard to break.

I read where Paul Ryan got a half a million dollars "contribution" after the tax bill passed from the Koch brothers! When you make billions, giving some Speaker of the House Whore a half million is just the cost of doing business. Got to keep the greedy wheels greased up and spinning freely! In the short term we will experience a "boom" like we had with the Reagan tax deal. But in the long term, the National debt will grow even larger while the super rich put even more money back in their pockets.

What about us regular folks? Well, have you ever heard the expression "to poor to pay attention". Yep! that's about the size of it! A 15 dollar minimum wage don't mean much if a loaf of bread costs 5 bucks! I may live in a double wide setting on a foundation, but I own it and the ground it sits on. No house payment makes a little bit of money go a lot further. So far, thanks to my disabled veterans status I am exempt from property taxes. I don't count on that lasting forever. Eventually someone will figure out they haven't screwed me enough already and take care of that "loophole".

If you take all the people in Congress and all the Senators who are bought and paid for by big business and put them in a big boat and you tow that boat out into the ocean and shoot a big hole in it! you might have a chance to save what's left of our country. But that ain't going to happen! Wars are just distraction like a magicians pretty assistant. They don't want you to notice that they got their hands in your pocket and are stealing you blind!

The funny thing is: come election time we will go to the polls and vote the same assholes back in there for another term! How bad does it have to get?


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