Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Taking a break from yard work!

I want my last few months of blogging to be encouraging to everyone. I have lived almost 67 years and I have seen what is happening now , happen before. It is nothing new, trust me. IF not terrorists it was communists, Jesus is coming back any minute! (don't hold your breath), the government is corrupt. Always has been and always will be, before it was Vietnam, now it's Iraq or Afghanistan. Get used to it and live your life.

Life ain't fair! Sorry, If you ride the wave instead of letting it crash into you, you get less water in your boat! You ain't nearly as big, nearly as bad, nearly as smart as you think you are so tackle your problems one or two at a time and quit trying to shoulder the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Quit looking to see what everyone else is doing and find your own way. If we all die tomorrow do you want to waste your last day on earth talking about Obama or Hillary or Trump? There are more important and more enjoyable things to do and think about. Quit judging others. Be the best person you can be and trust that everyone else is doing the same.

Nothing wrong with being prudent, saving some money, having extra food, maybe a generator if you live with the possibility of power outages. That's just common sense. But don't let irrational fears control your life. I remember the Cuban missile crisis, probably the closest we ever came to nuclear war. Everyone was digging a hole to crawl into!

WE are human beings! We left the caves a long time ago. We don't live underground like moles! We want the sun on us, we want to feel the breeze! We want to smell the rain and feel the first drops hit our face! A few brief moments like that are better than a lifetime cowering in fear in your hole! Besides, if your fear has made you crawl in a hole, you are already dead!

I'm not optimistic. I'm not especially pessimistic. I just get up everyday and face life, play the hand I am dealt the best I can and try and enjoy myself when I get the chance! Don't consider this advice or me trying to preach at you, just take it as me telling you what works for me.


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